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Raft – Metro's 50 years campaign:

Celebrating 50 years, Metro has organized a promotional campaign with 50% discount on a wide range of products.

Within this campaign more material was needed, including a raft that floats on Dambovita during the campaign.
Wind team had the privilege to do this raft with the size of 6x6m.

Made of steel structure put in barrels with the capacity to hold up to 9 tons.

On this raft was put a Metro surprises box (3,5x3,5m) that a week after installation opened and some of the objects that were in the 50 years promotional campaign came out of it.
All this construction was assembled from pieces directly on the water, anchoring being made with concrete weights on the bottom of the water.
The framework was well calculated considering that it must stay in that position two months regardless of weather conditions..

Snickers Gremlin Slot Machine:

For the SNICKERS Gremlin promotional campaign, the WIND team was asked to make a total of 10 Slot Machines, as an exact copy of those in Las Vegas and had the following utility:

Customer buys a Snickers and at the exit of the store he scans its barcode at the slot machine to machine code was recognized, the lever was activated and based on an algorithm that campaign organizers have set every shooting earns a certain prize or anything.

The grand prize counts in 20 Snickers chocolates and if they were won tray falls in front of the camera.

Slot Machine devices were provided with sound depending on income.

Snickers Gremlin Slot Machine was installed in ten locations in Bucharest and Romania Carrefour..